Design Considerations for Precision-Machined Plastics Fabrication

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When designing plastic parts for engineered systems, there are a few things to consider to get the performance and lifespan you need. What material is best, and will it perform in the pressure, temperature, or environmental conditions it will be subjected to? How do I assure my parts will meet the tolerances and specifications I’ve designed? How do I design something that can be produced reliably and at an affordable cost?

This Design Guide is written with the engineer in mind who needs to answer these questions. Topics in this guide include:

  • Advantages of Plastic Over Metal
  • Selecting the Right Plastic Materials for Your Custom Assembly
  • Types of Custom Plastic Fabrication Finishes
  • Design Considerations for Harsh Environments
  • Design Ideas for Reducing Cost
  • Ensuring Fabrication Quality

Download our complementary design guide on precision-machined plastics fabrication today.